About Us

Qumafust a platform to share your Review on the Product/Service acquired. And also to find the right Social Media Influencers to market your valuable Products/Services. 

You might have a question, Why should I share a review on Qumafust of the product/service acquired? Uh, a good question!

Well, Qumafust is the top review website, where people visit Qumafust to read and write about the products/services before or after purchasing it.

And, The Internet has changed the way of purchasing a product/service, and over the decade’s citizens have turned to netizens, surf the internet to comprehend the product/service before buying, notably the Reviews written by consumers who have purchased earlier. A review shared by you will assist others in opting for quality products/services. Share your valuable review on Qumafust to make others understand better about products/services.

And in Qumafust, we’ve listed top social media Influencers who will help market your valuable product/service to the right audience. Connecting with Influencers is free of cost, i.e we’re not going to impose any price on Influencers or the person who’s connecting with the Influencer. We’re just going to work as an intermediary to unite people. Our team researches the top social media influencers for you and lists them on our website.

If you have any other business queries or to know more about our services, feel free to reach us via “contact@qumafust.com“.