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The universal terms of service set out the terms and conditions of our website visitors and its resources. In this note, YOU and You’re referring to YOU as the user of service. Anyone who acts in support of you also belongs to YOU shall abide by the conditions set out by us. Here WE, OUR, US refers to Qumafust.com


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Copyright and Trademark:

Illegal or Immoral usage or duplication of the data or images without written authorization from this website’s author and/or owner is strictly forbidden. Links may be used, presented that complete and clear credit is attributed to [www.qumafust.com] with proper and distinct direction to the original content.

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Moreover Users may not:

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  2. Need not use the websites images or content for any business use.
  3. Eliminating the copy rights from the material available on the website.
  4. Give the materials to different person or “mirror” the materials on different servers.

If there is any such evidence detected we reserve the right to cancel those licenses and the user is required to end the materials.

Links to Third Parties:

Qumafust.com may include websites which has web links to third parties that are maintained and regulated by others. We are not liable for the contents of such links and not responsible for the same. Use of those links is at owners risk.

Website Terms of Use Modification:

Qumafust.com reserves and continues the right to:

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  • Change the terms of use anytime and without prior notice. By using this site You are bound to abide by the latest terms of use in act.
  • Remove, alter or renew any posts at any minute without any further notice.

Revisions And Errors:

There may be a possibility that the graphics, content, images or any kind of material describing qumafust.com could likely involve typographical, technical, or photographic glitches. Declaring it qumafust.com shall take no liability for the same. Qumafust.com does not warranty any of the materials on its site to be reliable, up-to-date or comprehensive. We may improve the content and material anytime without any additional announcement. We are not committed to have material current. You Use our site data at your judgement.


We as a review website firm receive commission from some of the businesses mentioned on our site as a part of affiliate programmes. Payment collected either through affiliate programmes is non refundable.

Limitation of Liability:

Under any circumstance qumafust.com or its partners be responsible for any losses (including, without restriction, damages for lack of information or profit or due to business interference,) resulting from either the use or failure to use the materials on qumafust.com site, even if qumafust.com or a approved representative has been informed (orally or writing) of the occurrence of such losses. Because few jurisdictions don’t provide restrictions on proposed guarantees or limitations of liability for consequential or accidental losses, these conditions may not apply to every user.

Qumafust.com shall not be responsible for any type of claimed harms, including accidental and significant harms, which may arise from our site’s server’s downtime or being unavailable for any other purpose.

Governing Law:

This Agreement shall be administered by and construed by the federal law of India and the state law of Karnataka, whichever is appropriate, without regards to conflict of laws and principles. In any event of dispute the area of Jurisdiction would be Bangalore only.